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My name is Dolores Andrew-Gavin and I am an Empowerment and Assertive Coach.  I have decided to put on this FREE Coaching Support Summit to collaborate with coaches from all over the world to:

  • To offer support to those who are caught in fear.
  • To help people realise how important staying positive is right now.
  • To give people tools to help them raise their vibration and stay positive.
  • To give people tools to help them with their business.

You can access the calls through to the various speakers through the links provided.

Christine Callanan

Connecting with our resilience and how to embody it in the face of fear and anxiety.

Listen to Replay Here 

Jen DeVore Richter

What You Can Do Now to Attract More Business Online With Ease and Ethics

Click Here for Replay

Nichola Flood

Supercharge Your Health

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Sandra Losty

Coping with recovery during the Corona Virus

Link to Replay

Béa Salmon-Hawk

How to use Emotional Freedom Technique


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Cordelia Gaffar

3 Steps to Replenish

Click here to watch replay

Mary McHugh


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Tina Jesso

Find your Passion – Find your Purpose

Link to Replay

Dolores Andrew-Gavin

Using the Chakra System for Health & Wellness


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Helena Gilhooly

Social media engagement; how to up your presence

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Gaye Moore

How to Build Resilience

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