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How the Summit Works

My name is Dolores Andrew-Gavin and I am your host for this event.  Throughout May 2019 I am interviewing 20+ experts, these interviews will go live throughout May.   You can subscribe to get notified when they go live.  To say thanks for subscribing I am offering you access to my exclusive 4 part Video Series entitled – A Journey of Self Discovery.  In this 4 part series I take you on a journey to help you change any stories you are struggling with.  It also includes a video showing you how to use EFT to take the emotional charge from your stories.

I also include a meditation for children called “Journey to the Time Tower” which is a magical journey through the chakras for children to enjoy.    When we allow ourselves time out to travel through our chakras we touch on all the awarenesses governed by our chakras including our sense of belonging, our ability to process emotions, our self worth and confidence, self love, self expression, our ability to trust our gut instinct and our ability to connect with and trust the world around us.

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The Emotional and Mental Health Summit

What It’s About (FREE SUMMIT)

Emotional and mental health matters.  It’s not somebody else’s problem; our own emotional and mental health matters to us. It’s all our responsibilities because it’s a fundamental part of who we are. How we feel about our mental and emotional health affects and influences all areas of our life. For example our feelings about our sense of belonging, our sense of trust in people, how we speak to ourselves and others and the way we feel has a huge effect on us. Join me this May as I talk with professionals around the important topic of mental and emotional health to support conversations on this important topic.  I also want to give people information about and access to tools that can help them with their mental health.


Meet the Speakers

Barbara Louise Brennan

Dr. Darria Long Gillespie

Fiona Forman

Fran Buckley & Elva Glynn

Jen Hogan

Dolores Andrew-Gavin

Liz Valloor

Derek O Kelly

Judith Quin

Mary Finn

Raven Keyes

Jocelyn Cunningham

Joseph McGuire

Anne Brannick

Danielle Serpico

Pauline Roddich

Catherine Dunphy

Louise Tyrrell