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Chakras Demystified 

7 Week Journey Through The Chakras

To Create Your Body Wisdom Map

First Chakra

Situated: At the bottom of the spine, where you sit.

Awareness: Feelings of belonging, a right to be here and to have your basic needs met.

Element: Earth

Colour Red

Second Chakra

Situated: 2″ under the belly button

Awareness: Creative Centre & Womb Space for women // Emotional Centre

Element: Water

Colour: Orange

Third Chakra

Situated: At the stomach area.

Awareness: Governs our will.   Centre of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Element: Fire

Colour:  Yellow

Fourth Chakra

Situated: At the heart centre.

Awareness: Self Love, Compassion, Ability to Love unconditionally.

Element: Air

Colour:  Green/Pink

Fifth Chakra

Situated: At the throat.

Awareness: How we communicate to ourselves and the world.

Element: Ether.

Colour:  Blue

Sixth Chakra

Situated: In the middle of the forehead

Awareness: Self Reflection and Knowing

Element: Light

Colour: Indigo

Seventh Chakra

Situated: At the crown of the head.

Awareness: Violet.

Element: Space

Colour:  Violet

The Chakra System

When balanced we can ground our projects into the world all the way down from a thought that is in our mind.

We can learn to become grounded and thereby allow ourselves work our way up to the crown chakra so that we can imagine what it is we want and co-create this with our will and our heart fully in it.

What Are The Chakras

It is our aim in this chakra course to demystify the chakra system so that we can use these energy centres to make the changes we want in life.

As well as having a physical body that is made up of what we can see, like our bones and organs, we also have an emotional body which is not visible to the naked eye but which can certainly be felt, as it is here that our feelings and emotions reside.

Blood flows around our physical body in veins and arteries and energy flows around our emotional body in meridians and through energy centres called chakras.

When we do an energy therapy like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Reiki we are tapping into this energy system and because we are made from energy, energy therapies help us work with energetic blockages like stuck emotions.   Because the emotional and physical bodies are so closely related when we cause a change in our emotional body we are in fact causing an effect in our physical body as well.  For example if we clear stress from an area of our body that feels tight like our shoulders, we are loosening this area on a physical level as well as releasing the stress from the emotional body.


Who is This Journey For?

Do You Want to Take Charge of the Driver’s Seat of Your Life?

Because each of the chakras governs a particular awareness, when we start to work with the chakras we can use them as a map to

Figure out where it is we are stuck in life

OR to figure out why we get the same results 

OR to take control of an emotional state we are in a loop with

We can use each of the awareness centres and ask relevant questions at each.

First chakra .. How do I feel about my sense of belonging?

Second chakra .. How well can I identify my emotional state and control it in any given situation?    How well am I doing creatively?

Third chakra .. How well do I handle my personal power?

Fourth chakra .. Am I able to give myself compassion for my own needs?    Can I love another unconditionally?   Do I harbor old wounds?  Am I feeling sad and lonely?

Fifth chakra .. How well do I communicate my needs to myself and to the world?

Sixth chakra .. Can I imagine what it is I really want from my life?   How well do I use my gut instinct or have I lost touch with this innate ability?

Seventh chakra .. Do I feel separate from the world and unable to get out of my head to ground anything?

This template can be used again and again when something comes up for us.    We may find we need to go back to the first chakra and revisit the grounding techniques.

We may have to confront an emotion that is coming up for us and discover what it is trying to tell us.   Is it fear and if so how do we allow our fear to let us know what we are fearful about and then let it go?

Are we unable to break through and step into our power in a situation either personally or at work?

Do we need to forgive ourselves or another for something or allow ourselves compassion during a situation?

Are we unable to communicate what we want to someone?

We can go back into any of the chakras and see what is coming up for us.

Life is a constant journey of flowing and ebbing.   When we work WITH our body and not against it we learn to be aware where we are getting stuck and, we have the ability to control what comes up for us at any given time in our life.

What is entailed with this 7-week journey?

7 Word documents one for each of the chakras.   We take an in-depth look at each of the chakras and outline the questions to ask to find out more about each one.

7 Meditations.   There is a guided meditation dedicated to each of the chakras where I guide you through the awareness of the particular chakra.

7 pre-recorded podcasts of the weekly lessons.

7 Essential Oils to work with; one a week.

7 Goddesses to work with at each of the chakras for additional help in getting to where we want to be!

When we work with Goddess energies we are tapping into an energy that is already inside of us all.

Perhaps at the moment, we are very career focused.  We may very well be in our Athena energy.   She was a strategist and the go to girl for preparing battle plans for her troops.

OR perhaps we feel we want to step more into this energy. Maybe we wish to get back into the workforce after being away from it. Maybe we are contemplating a change of career and want to embrace more of this!  She helps us to focus and bring goals to fruition in a no nonsense manner.

At another time we may find we have lost our way a bit and are up in the air with so much going on.   We may find we cannot ground ourselves.   We can work with our innate Hestia energy for some added help.

When we begin to work with the Goddess energies we begin to identify these energies in ourselves.  We will also begin to identify these energies in others.   It can help us to figure out why some people are the way they are.   We realise that they are in a certain energy.    It can help us to take things less personally.

For example an Artemis lady is very independent and does not like to be controlled.   If we know someone like this we can better understand where she is coming from.    OR if we are in this energy it helps us understand where we ourselves are coming from!!!   We can embrace who we are and not take on judgments or perceptions from others.

Of course there can be more than one energy going on for us in our life at any given time.   If we are a working Mum we may well step into Hestia when we enter our house knowing that the Athena energy will be there again tomorrow when we enter the workplace.

Life is about balance and when we work with these energies we can embrace this balance with more awareness.

Investment for this self study chakra course €99.00


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