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Reiki, Shamanic Soul Care, Assertive & Empowerment Coaching.

A place to Just Be and Start From Where you Are At Right Now.

Become empowered to be the best you can be.

Find Your Voice To Tell Your Authentic Story


About Me

Are You Ready to Stand in Your Power?


Reiki helps you break through your own inner glass ceiling of fear

You can take the first step today.

Shamanic Soul Care includes soul retrieval, ancestral healing and much more.

Through assertiveness and empowerment coaching I help you step into your personal power.

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Soul Care Sessions

On line or distance work.  Soul retrieval. Helping you find your authentic story.  Helping you connect to your core essence.


Emotional Freedom Technique is a fantastic therapy for adults and children.  When we “tap” on the meridian points we are tapping into our own energy field and thereby causing the desired effect we want.   It is a great therapy for addictions, fears etc.



A gentle yet highly effective energy therapy for wellbeing both physically and emotionally.

I am also a qualified Medical Reiki Master (TM).

7 Week Chakra Course

Available as an immediate download

4 Steps to Being an Empowered Woman 

Work with me 1 on 1 over a 4 hour period

Finding Your Authentic Voice
“Thank you Dolores for a wonderfully healing workshop. I have learned so much about myself through this experience. I honestly cannot believe the deep insights I have gained about where my own drive to do what I do comes from and it has been an insightful and thought provoking revelation. I will continue to use the exercises I’ve learned to help me to continue to listen to my authentic voice and I highly recommend the workshop to anyone who is feeling stuck or has lost their motivation.
Thank you for a wonderful workshop!”
Best wishes,
Emily, Meath

Energy Healing Therapist and Teacher

Finding Your Authentic Voice
Thanks so much for the Finding Your Authentic Voice online course. What I loved about it was that it actually made me stop, pause & give time to listen to what I already know inside. A few stories came up, some I wasn’t able to verbalize before.
I was able to see the stories in a non-judgemental way and now I have much more awareness of how they are limiting me.
I LOVED the healing & this was a very gentle way of listening to myself. It gave me, even more, clarity about where to focus. I thought it was going to be my base chakra that was very blocked but during it I could see it was a block somewhere between my heart & throat chakra.
Dorothy, Galway

Mum of Three

7 Week Journey Through the Chakras

I have enjoyed this wonderful journey through the chakras. Dolores Andrew-Gavin research and knowledge has been put together in a concise simple manner full of wisdom. sweet, simple and powerful.

Deborah USA



I love interacting with this group of positive minded, Kind and productive spirits. Thankful for the support I have received particularly in the twitter hour #irishhealthhour

Caroline Carlow

Artist & Reflexologist