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What is this journey through the chakras about?

It is our aim in this course to demystify the chakra system so that we can use these energy centres to make the changes we want in life.

As well as having a physical body that is made up of what we can see, like our bones and organs, we also have an emotional body which is not visible to the naked eye but which can certainly be felt, as it is here that our feelings and emotions reside.

Blood flows around our physical body in veins and arteries and energy flows around our emotional body in meridians and through energy centres called chakras.

When we do an energy therapy like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Reiki we are tapping into this energy system and because we are made from energy, energy therapies help us work with energetic blockages like stuck emotions.   Because the emotional and physical bodies are so closely related when we cause a change in our emotional body we are in fact causing an effect in our physical body as well.  For example if we clear stress from an area of our body that feels tight like our shoulders, we are loosening this area on a physical level as well as releasing the stress from the emotional body.

The chakras act as energy centres with each energy centre processing a different awareness.   We can liken this to when we go to a shopping centre or mall and go to different shops for different things we want to buy.  For example if we are looking to work with self esteem issues then we go to the chakra which processes this energy type.  If we struggle with speaking our truth or standing in our power we go to the relevant energy centre where we can specifically focus on getting rid of any energetic blocks there.

There are lots of chakras but the chakras we are going to concentrate on are the seven major ones the root, the sacral, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye and the crown.

Starting at the root chakra is a great option.   The root charka is our foundation and has a lot to do with our survival instinct and our feelings around our right to be here and to belong.

There is a verse in The Cold Play Song Viva La Vida that describes a journey without a good foundation.    It goes.

“One minute I held the key

Next the walls were closed on me

And I discovered that my castles stand

Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand”

When our foundations are not solid our journey won’t be solid.   If we have a good foundation, which is based on trust, and we feel we have a right to be here and belong then our journey will be from a secure place and we will better be able to ride out tough times when they happen to us.

We can get clarity about where we are stuck in our life by looking at the chakras as a template.  We look at questions that are relevant to each of the chakras and see for ourselves what areas we can work on to help us in a particular situation.

Flowing energy is what we want to achieve.  We want to be able to have all the experiences that life has to offer, whether we perceive them good or not but ultimately we want them to flow while not getting ourselves stuck as we go along.

So when we enter this journey through the chakras we start at the root and build from a strong foundation.

There is no right or wrong way to do chakra work and no two people’s journeys will be the same.  We should avoid comparing our life story to others, as each person’s journey is unique with its own limiting beliefs, emotions and feelings around things.  It is also good to have no guilt or shame around anything that comes up.   It is a process and a process we have made a decision to go through in order to make our journey all we want it to be.

Some people find it hard at the beginning to visualise their chakras and may find they cannot see what they are trying to see or feel what they are trying to feel.   The best thing to do if this is happening is to just relax.  Energy follows thought and the fact that we are intending to focus attention on a particular area is half the battle!

We often hear that the chakras are related to the various elements like earth, water, air etc.   We can bring each element into our lives in various ways.   For example to bring some balance to the root chakra we may want to have a plant in our room, which represents the element of nature.  Wind chimes, as well as moving energy and creating a lovely sound also aid us in tuning into the element of sound.   A water feature in a room would represent the element of water.   The element of fire can be represented by a lighting candle.

Sometimes one of our chakras can become “excessive” in its energy.  This means that we have an excess of energy here and need to let some of it go.  Also we may need to relax more in relation to any particular energy.    An example could be excess in our power centre where we power over others, whether we mean to or not.   This excess of power over others will not lead to balanced relationships.

We do go more into this for each of the chakras in the course of the course.

In relation to the first chakra maybe we need to eat less or work less.  We look at ways to bring balance to whatever in our life needs balancing.   Getting structured in this way is a very first chakra related activity!!!

On the other hand our chakras can be deficient or not have enough energy so they are not in a state of balance.  In this case we allow our chakra to receive whatever it needs to receive or we may need to hold onto something in a particular chakra.  For example in the heart chakra we may need to allow ourselves receive love and hold onto good feelings about ourselves.

If we do not have enough energy in our root or first chakra we may need to get out for walks more often, get into nature, eat more food or get more structured.

The Chakras (the ones we are studying in this course)

  • There are seven major chakras; five aligned along our spinal chord, one in our forehead and one at the top of our head.
  • Each chakra has a different focus of awareness.

Root chakra deals with our survival needs; our grounding. Element Earth.

Sacral chakra deals with our passion for life; our creativity and is our emotional centre.    Element Water.

Solar plexus deals with our will, our personal power and moving forward with purpose.  Element Fire.

Heart chakra is our centre of unconditional love and compassion for self & others. Air.

Throat chakra is about communication & being able to speak our truth & hear others.  Element Sound

Third eye chakra is imagination & knowing what we know/wisdom/gut instinct. Element Vision.

Crown chakra The awareness of this centre comes from a place of knowing. We have a belief that things are possible and we have transcended fears and work more on our desires.   Element Thought

When we go through the journey of the chakras and reach the crown chakra we come to the realisation that we can actually break through any barriers that are in our life keeping us stuck, we have learned to let go of old wounds and the habit of either living in the past or the future and we are able to be in the now, where all the change happens.   We can see things as they really are.

We have learned to be our authentic self with good boundaries in place, we have focused attention on what we want and where we want to go and, we are able to navigate our emotions.

Aids for balancing chakras;

Essential oils have a very high vibrational energy. We are using the life force energy from Mother Nature and aligning with its compounds.  Essential oils work on mind, body and soul and give tremendous support on an emotional level.   They help us with honesty around issues and support our process.  We can anoint our chakras (place with intention an oil on our energy centre) and affirm what it is we want to balance in that particular chakra.

We will journey to the vibration of an essential at each lesson and use it to help us raise the vibration in the particular chakra we are working on.

Crystals carry their own vibrational frequencies. We can work with crystals to assist in carrying away negative energies.  We can charge and cleanse our crystals to help with all sorts of issues.

We will discuss crystals more in each lesson.

We will have a recorded call each week so that we can go deeper with each chakra.   We will also have time for questions and answers.

The use of a journal or any sort of notebook to record your findings in this personal journey is very useful and a great way to go back and look at the progress that has been made.

If you want to find out details about the on line course check out this link.