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The ancient art of yoni or vaginal steaming is a ritual using an herbal remedy that has unfortunately been lost in our modern age. 

We have also for the most part, lost touch with the creative potential of our womb space as a place to co-create our reality from our life force within.   Thankfully there are a growing number of women re-membering these ancient rituals and helping us to get back in touch with the natural rhythms of our lives.

Red Tent woman’s circles were traditionally the way these rituals were passed on from generation to generation and young girls got to know about their own cycles and embody a sense of respect and understanding around them.  Unfortunately for many young girls their cycles are not something that are discussed openly, and a girl’s cycle may be seen more as an inconvenience rather than realising the important phase of life that she is being initiated into.   

Often in life as women we try to push through at times when our body is not at its optimum strength.   Other times we are energised and full of ideas but may fail to follow through or even write down our ideas dismissing them as whims of our imagination. 

But when we learn to tune into our own cycles on a monthly and in fact a daily basis we can glean so much important information on working with our body’s wisdom and not against it.

Yoni steaming affects us on many levels and most especially helps us to tap into our root voice, the essence of who we are.    When we can ground ourselves firmly in our root chakra (if you are in a seated position now you are sitting on your root chakra!!) we will be able to become more rooted with life.   We will find that any trust issues we may be harbouring will come to the surface for healing.   We feel more like we belong when our root chakra is balanced. This does not mean we feel we belong to where we live now but, we feel a sense of belonging to something or somewhere rather than an empty feeling of not belonging anywhere.

As well as may physical ailments like support for the symptoms of hemorrhoids Yoni steaming also offers support at an emotional level.

Our second chakra located about 2 includes under our belly button is home to our pelvic bowl and our womb.   When we use yoni steaming the herbs support many ailments including uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine prolapse & endometriosis.

It also assists with regulating menstrual issues including cramps, back ache, bloating and general discomfort.

Since our second chakra is our emotional centre yoni steaming helps support us at an emotional level to release old wounds and traumas that we may be holding onto unconsciously at times.

Here is a list of the herbs I use.

  • Rose

Rose is a cleansing tonic for the uterus and supports those with heavy menstruation. On an emotional level Rose can help with wounds of the heart that cause our womb area to become blocked, there may be fear of new relationships and an unconscious unwillingness to truly surrender to another.  Rose balances and comforts and supports a healing of these wounds and opens the door to unblocking our sacred womb centre.

  • Lavender

Lavender soothes the emotional and physical body.  It supports our central nervous system and helps us find calm in situations where calm is required.  In this way it is a great herb to add to the yoni steam for any energy blockages that may have built up in our chakra system.  It also supports an individual to speak their truth or let go of something they feel unable to swallow. 

  • Rosemary

Rosemary is a wonderful soothing herb and is used for in this remedy to support painful menstruation. 

  • Motherwort

Motherwort has long been associated with supporting women with symptoms during PMS such as anxiety, digestive disturbances, nervousness and cramps.

Many herbalists recommend it like Rosemary to relieve painful or suppressed menstruation.

  • Yarrow

Yarrow is used to support excessive menstrual bleeding.  Traditionally during birth, midwives and herbalists use yarrow for hemorrhage. Yarrow is also used to prevent painful clots.   Yarrow is used for both initiating menses and for stopping excessive flow. The ancient Chinese say that Yarrow “reconciles opposing forces and brings balance.”

How to use your yoni steam herbs.

Put the dry herbs in a saucepan of hot water for 10 minutes and allow to cool for 5 minutes.  Pour the water and herb mixture into an appropriate bowl or basin that is heat resistant and supports you to sit on top of.   Find a quiet place to relax for about 20 minutes.  Ensure that the steam is not too hot to avoid burns and keep yourself warm with a blanket.  It is a good time to listen to your favourite music or to do some journaling.

Last thing at night is a good time to do it as you are in a restful state, but you can fit this routine into any part of your day that best suits you.

Avoid using yoni steaming during your menstrual cycle, if pregnant or if you have a coil inserted.  

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Red Tent Facilitator, Soul Care Practitioner, Energy Therapist, Author and Mum