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What To Expect From A Soul Care Session

At Celtic Soul Essence it’s all about healing at the essence of soul, at the level of the ultimate nature of our being. We embark on a journey of self – a journey to see what part of your life is out of alignment and requires balancing. It’s about changing your personal story to make it a better one and to help you be on the path you are meant to be on in this lifetime. All our life experiences are different and each individual’s journey is unique to themselves. Some people, when their souls are out of alignment may develop illnesses and others problems with relationships or work issues.

Through soul work we discover what changes are now necessary to bring ourselves back into alignment. For some it may be a need to integrate the masculine and feminine forces and balance them to bring wholeness to our lives. Through past experiences we may have become unsure of ourselves and may have lost our own authentic voice and developed coping skills to hide our true selves. We may have stopped listening to our intuition and body signals which are our ever present guiding systems.

We can also bring back vital energy that has been lost through trauma or by our disassociation from a traumatic event.    You will be able to take back your personal power and be visible on the inside as well as the outside. You can awaken your own dormant Goddess or allow your inner child out to play. You can bring back lost soul parts that may have fled to avoid the harsh realities of life at a particular time in the past or re connect with vi. We can extract negative entities that may be stopping you from getting on in life.

It’s your story and whatever that is at this time, here at Celtic Soul Essence we am here to help you make it a better one.

Children, with their parent’s permission, are more than welcome at Celtic Soul Essence.   Often children suffer from fears and anxieties which can overpower them and make them go into themselves thus starting the journey of hiding their true selves that can stay with them and hinder them in later years.   Journeys for children, amongst other things, can include a journey to their very own animal spirit guide.  The essence of their animal spirit guide will be brought back and contained in a crystal which the children can wear as jewellery or that they can hang in their bedroom.  Alternatively they can wrap themselves up in an animal spirit quilt which can be custom designed to include their own personal animal guide on it.   Here at Celtic Soul Essence it’s about bringing magic back to children’s lives.