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Sandra Losty

Sandra Losty has worked in the field of addiction and homelessness for over 20 years and now works exclusively with people in recovery, coaching them to take the next step on their recovery journey. Sandra is in recovery herself continuously since 1995, recently celebrating 25 years of recovery. Sandra is dedicated to helping others in recovery reach their potential in the fields of Employment, Education and Entrepreneurship.

Creator of #RecoveryHour Sandra hosts online recovery meetings for people so that can connect with others also in recovery. People from all fellowships and none are welcome. The common ground being “We are all in recovery” and present to support each other on our recovery journey’s. There are times our journey is broken down to ‘staying in recovery’ an hour at a time.

So was born the idea behind recovery hour.

Sandra is speaking about the impact of Covid 19 has on people in recovery.   She says: “We are used to Face to Face meetings and now we are in a situation like everybody else where that is in lock down. I set up a #RecoveryHour meeting to connect with those I have made connections with on Twitter so that we had a space to come and have a ‘meeting’ It is open to anyone who identifies as being recovery and it is hoped the space created will help a little to help people STAY IN RECOVERY. We are social animals. For many of us a fellowship meeting is part of our social outlet. So lockdown has seriously affected people”.