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Quan Yin helps us to embrace compassion for ourselves and others.   Sometimes we do something because it is all we can do at the time with what we have.   If we look back on past events which cause us shame we can allow Quan Yin to allow us feel compassion for ourselves for what we did.   In this way we can let go of any harsh judgments towards ourselves.

Quan Yin also teaches us forgiveness.   This can also be an ability to forgive ourselves as well as an ability to forgive another.

I pair this beautiful Quan Yin with the heart chakra which is our centre for self love as well as love for another.

We can call on Quan Yin to help us with issues of self care where we need to find compassion and forgiveness for ourselves.

Affirm:   I allow myself feel compassion for myself.   I allow myself forgive myself for something I did in the past.