Chakras Demystified


It is our aim in this chakra course to demystify the chakra system so that we can use these energy centres to make the changes we want in life.

As well as having a physical body that is made up of what we can see, like our bones and organs, we also have an emotional body which is not visible to the naked eye but which can certainly be felt, as it is here that our feelings and emotions reside.

Blood flows around our physical body in veins and arteries and energy flows around our emotional body in meridians and through energy centres called chakras.

When we do an energy therapy like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Reiki we are tapping into this energy system and because we are made from energy, energy therapies help us work with energetic blockages like stuck emotions.   Because the emotional and physical bodies are so closely related when we cause a change in our emotional body we are in fact causing an effect in our physical body as well.  For example if we clear stress from an area of our body that feels tight like our shoulders, we are loosening this area on a physical level as well as releasing the stress from the emotional body.

What is included in this course; 7 PDFs, 7 audio lessons, 7 Meditations, Essential Oil pdf ebook and Goddess Energy pdf ebook.

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