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Emotional and Mental Health Summit

Mary Finn

Mary Finn has worked in the disability sector for 17 years in a variety of roles and understands the challenges posed to employers and employees when faced with the uncertainty of illness or injury.  Her passion for this work was initially sparked during the pilot program she was involved in but her desire to ensure continuity of service was so strong that it led to her creating Connect4Work. Through this service she offers a professional cost-effective service to organizations through careful planning and preparation with a work focused approach concentrating on a persons’ ability and minimizing the impact of their absence in the workplace.

Connect4Work supports organizations to create a culture of well-being, openness and inclusion for all employees by being proactive toward positive mental health through planning the return to work of employees absent through illness, injury or other reasons in a safe and sustainable manner.

Navigating the return to work process can be difficult with a lot of unknowns, however by partnering with Connect4Work, Mary provides an audit trail ensuring organizations can identify the risk posed by the absence, address barriers and plan for reasonable accommodations whilst meeting obligations to organizational corporate social responsibility and reduce cost.

She firmly believes, what ever the reason for the absence, the longer people are away from work, the more they begin to worry about it and what is going on there in their absence, and of course this has an impact on a persons mental health.  She helps all parties realise that a pathway back to work after an illness/injury related absence is possible, the process just needs somebody to lay that course and support others along it.

Mary Finn has also completed the following training – ASIST and ASIST Tune Up, Mental Health First Aid, SafeTalk – Suicide Alertness for Everyone.