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Joseph McGuire

Having practiced, taught and honed his techniques over a period of more than 30 years Joseph has developed a mastery of observational skills. He uses them to add an extra degree of clarity and accuracy to his client’s decision making when choosing candidates for senior level recruitment or promotion. He is also in demand for his assistance in negotiations, and for group training in a wide range of sectors including Healthcare, Coaching and HR.

Recent assignments include:

  • Profiling CEO candidates in the interview process for 3Sixty Financial Services
  • Assessed candidates in the interview process for accountant role in Europa Strategic Partners
  • Evaluated candidates for international management roles for DSBS (Australia)

In his profiling Joseph provides clear, detailed and accurate insights into personality, behaviour style, communication patterns, stress triggers and responses and more, of the individuals being profiled. This facilitates his clients in making clear decisions as to the best fit for their organization and culture. He is highly experienced in the role of impartial and unbiased observer, enabling interviewers to focus on asking questions specifically role related.

His group work is always interactive, ensuring participants gain direct, practical real-world experience of the skills and information being presented. Clarity is a keynote of his approach in supporting those present to absorb the material in the most effective manner.

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said”Peter Drucker