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Jocelyn Cunningham

Jocelyn Cunningham is on a mission to inspire people to enhance their overall wellbeing through exercising a good self-care regime. She believes in positive thinking, loving kindness, self compassion, realising and appreciating the present moment, connection with others, the power of relationship, the importance of friendship, as well as, the redemptive aspect of nature. Each of these creates an effective start of a journey to genuine and lasting empowerment of the self.

Jocelyn is the proprietor of Dynamic Concepts & Wellbeing, a company offering a variety of services ranging from consultancy to workshop facilitation.  She is a psychotherapist, and also currently helping ‘Let’s Get Talking’ affordable counselling centres to become more established and also to help raise funding to continue to offer such services in the mental health sector. Jocelyn is an author with Book Hub Publishing having contributed chapters to their Mental Health for Millennials series volumes 2 and 3. Her most recent chapter is titled ‘Finding that balance for your wellbeing’. She is an established speaker, having presented at various regional and national workshops on a range of mental health topics such as – ‘Happiness is a state of mind’, ‘Prone to panic & accustomed to anxiety’.  She is an Influencer on many social media platforms, known best for her morning affirmations to start off the day on a positive note. Jocelyn is currently in discussions with her Publisher in relation to having her first book published.