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Jen Hogan

Hi I’m Jen Hogan and I’m mum to seven children ranging in age from 3 to 17. I’m also an author, journalist, columnist. broadcast media contributor, Friends of breastfeeding Journalist of the year 2018, and general do-er of stuff around the house. It’s a hectic life, but one I know I’m lucky to lead.

I’m passionate about all things parenting and about supporting mums and dads on the rollercoaster that is parenthood. When I’m not rambling or sharing my musings on life and the issues that affect parents and families in 2019 at my blog, you can generally find me rambling instead in the Irish TimesIrish ExaminerIrish Independent or Easy Parenting magazine. You’ll also often catch me on the radio or the tellybox – I have a lot of thoughts to share!!

And I’d love to hear your thoughts on these issues too  – so join me here or on my social media, FacebookTwitterInstagram and let’s have the chats about the things that affect us as parents, as families and as people too.