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How to get out of your comfort zone?


February, 2020




One word … courage.

You can access your inner wisdom to support you get out of your comfort zone when you have the courage to start the journey.   It doesn’t matter how small your actions are, small actions built upon, lead to big breakthroughs.

In astrology Leo’s symbology is the mighty lion which represents sovereignty, rulership and courage.  You can only be free when you adopt the attributes of the lion which are outside your comfort zone, they are parallel states of being.   When you stay small, obedient and powerless you can shrivel up and dry out.  This can manifest in many forms.  You may feel useless, worn out and lack self-esteem.   If you are being powered over by another the only way to gain sovereignty is to release yourself from its grip.


Photograph via Unsplash

Your values can become compromised when you give them up, trade them in for another’s love or worse still for the breadcrumbs of their affections they throw at you when it suits them.

How deep and for how long you allow yourself be in this state is often outside of your control.   You may find yourself thrust into the mythological underworld through illness or stress where the only way out is to peel away the layers of falseness until you are reborn.  This can be a painful process and you may feel striped bare of everything you once knew and cared about.  You can lose friends and allies who feel they no longer recognise you, and the truth is you may no longer recognise yourself.

“However, you can appear again in your full juiciness, reborn to your authentic self and gain true allies who support you.  You meet the ones who resonate with you and who may themselves have traveled a similar path.”

You have gone outside your comfort zone, triumphed and reclaimed your sovereignty.  You are free.  You are living life on your values, and you won’t allow anyone compromise them.

You have stepped into a place where magic happens and that’s the other side of your comfort zone.

If you find yourself standing on the edge coming from a compromised place know that you can begin to find a crack that will allow some light in.   Maybe this is an awareness that there is more for you if you have the courage to dig deep.

Until next time .. keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin