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The Goddess Tara

Tara embraces the energy of our own inner wisdom, our gut instinct.  When we decide to go deep and navigate through our own unconscious mind, (that part of us that is in charge of most of what we do every day!!!)  she helps us to understand what comes up for us, in our own personal journeys to freedom from past stories.

I have paired this wonderful Hindu Great Goddess with the sixth chakra.  This has to do with literally seeing with our inner eye the truth of situations.   When we are able to have our mind clear and focused, there is no indecision.   We can see the truth of situations, the reality so to speak.   This energy helps us to save ourselves from being bound by past experiences and old stories that although they have made us who we are, we don’t always want them ruling our lives.  We want to see our own soul truth or the truth of a situation, accept it the way it is and transcend or accept it.

We can call on her to help us get back in touch with our innate wisdom, our gut instinct.

Affirm:  I allow myself see that which I already know.