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Hestia symbols the heart of the home, that steady light that is always shining in the centre of the home.    As a Goddess she is about stilling the mind, the ability to go within and find answers. I pair her with the first chakra which is about grounding and coming into the here and now and being present. Are you in need of some calm in your life right now?  Do you need to be still in the midst of all that happening around you? When we learn the ability to just sit in silence and turn of the mind talk we learn the ability to embrace Hestia. She is calling on you today to be still and just be.   If you get a chance to go for a walk do so and make your walk a meditative practice.   Be quiet and listen to all the sounds around you, it doesn’t matter what they are, just focus on them without judgment.

Affirm:  I allow my mind to be still.