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I have matched Hera with the crown chakra for her warrior abilities.   She truly encapsulates all that we take from the charka system and the seventh chakra in particular when we believe we are not separate and in fact, can overcome any of the obstacles that have been thrown at us in the previous chakras!

She represents empowerment for women.    Although her husband Zeus had many, many affairs she remained faithful to him.   She became known as the Goddess of marriage for this reason.   She stands for fidelity.   Although she did exact fierce revenge on the other ladies she shows us that she is not someone to be taken for granted.  She stands up for what she believes in and does not allow the gossip of others or the judgments and opinions of others define her.

She was a powerful force as a Goddess.

Affirm:  I can overcome obstacles with ease and grace for I truly believe in myself and the world around me.