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I created a range of Goddess essential oil blends which are formulated to meet the requirements of you, as the unique individual you are.

When we speak about Goddesses I am speaking about a certain type of energy we wish to call into our lives.  We also understand ourselves better when we are aware of which energy we are in.   Its an awareness and it can be a great way to first become aware of and then own our story.

Too often we fall into the trap of listening to other’s judgments about what they think we should or should not be doing with our life both professionally and career wise.

For example, if we are a woman who is career orientated and has decided to not have children then that is our story and ours alone.   We are in our Athena mode, an energy who thrives on strategising and goal setting.    If however this woman feels a pang of guilt for being this way and feels she has a push and pull with this energy she may wonder if she is doing the right thing.   She knows what she wants but may be feeling the pressure of society to have children and is letting this get into her psyche.

So once we know our predominant energy and the way it works for us, we can look to embracing it and owning it as who WE are, not as what society tells us woman should be ..or whatever story we might be struggling with.

Same too with a mother who chooses to stay at home and tend the house, always having a welcome and a fresh meal.    She may sometimes feel guilty about not bringing in any money to the household.  However, the job that she is doing is her energy and she loves doing it.   When she accepts this wonderful position as a homemaker that she has embraced then she can accept and own it and not worry about the “JUDGMENTS” of others.

I also pair the Goddesses with our own internal energy centers or chakras.  The reason I do this is to help us step into whichever energy we want to call in.

For example, maybe we are that mother who stayed at home and looked after her children.   Now at age 45 when her children have fled the nest, she wants to go back to a career.   She may feel she has lost her sense of being able to just step into a job which requires goal setting in a work space and dealing with deadlines and managers.

She may want to step more into her power center in relation to work and break through any fears she has in relation to doing this.   She could do well to embrace an Athena energy and concentrate on her third chakra.   Of course, if we are not grounded and have a handle on our emotions in our first and second chakra then she may need to deal with this first.

So when we are working with the Goddess energies It is a weaving of where we are now with calling in what it is we truly want in the here and now.

We work with our energy where it is at, no shame, no guilt .. just accepting and allowing in what it is we want.

Each of the essential oil blends is called after a Goddess and is paired with a chakra. Here are the 7 oil blends.

For the first chakra, we work with the Goddess Hestia.

For the second chakra, we work with the Goddess Aphrodite.

For the third chakra, we work with the Goddess Athena.

For the fourth chakra, we work with the Goddess Quan Yin.

For the fifth chakra, we work with the Goddess Artemis.

For the sixth chakra, we work with the Goddess Tara.

For the seventh chakra, we work with Goddess Hera.


If you wish to purchase one of the blends please click on the botton below, you can add a message when prompted in PayPal letting me know which blend you want.   (Only ships to Ireland)