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We can call on the Goddess Athena when we want to embrace focused attention on a project or indeed a relationship.  She has the ability to know what is needed to get the job done!

If you are struggling to focus on your career or are unsure of where you are going with your life, call on this Goddess to help you focus.   She was the one whom the soldiers went to, to prepare battle plans for she truly is a great strategist.

If you find that when chaos happens in your life you fly into your emotions you may want to call on Athena to help you take control over situations and see them for what they are in a more constructive way.   Athena will help you be more in control and digest what is going on instead of flying off the handle.

I have paired her with the third chakra, our personal power centre.  This is where we jump out of fear and into a place where all the action happens for us.

Affirm:  I am focused and in alignment with my soul’s work.