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Emotional and Mental Health Summit

Danielle Serpico

Danielle Serpico is a half Irish half Italian woman who grew up in Rome and then came back to Ireland at the age of ten when her parents divorced. She now lives nestled under the safety of the Blackstairs mountains in County Wexford with her partner, two new kittens and a crazy Labrador called Macchiato, with a black mark on his neck.

With an entrepreneurial background and three restaurants under her belt as well as a blackbelt around her waist, in 2009 her life changed again with her businesses going bust in the recession.

This is when her interest in self-development really started and she went on a journey of self-exploration leading her to become a Mind Coach.

“Danielle Serpico is now a motivational Speaker and NLP Trainer, Radio Broadcaster with her weekly show MindMatters on Dublin City Fm and the Author of The BlackBelt MasterMind book. As a blackbelt and European Karate Champion she found her ‘fight’ to get back up after major set backs ten years ago and now speaks regularly on how to overcome adversity and have a mindset for success and happiness.”