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4 Steps to Being an Empowered Woman

for greater Confidence and self esteem 

Finding Your Voice

Learn to hear your authentic root voice.   The voice that speaks to what YOU really want authentically as opposed to the voice that speaks your stories full of limiting beliefs and shadowed by the judgments of others.

You learn to hear your root voice, that why you do what you do, that stirs you to do what you do on a daily basis be it in relationships or work related.  When the going gets tough, your authentic root WHY voice will help you through.

Listening to Your Needs

From that root voice you find out what your desires are; what it is YOU really want to do.   You will also discover what your unique needs are to fulfil these desires.

Maybe you need to take some time off, maybe you need to start doing more!

When you allow yourself be mindful of what emotions come up for you, you can use them as the allies they are for you.

Letting Go

You will likely come across old past stories that have been lingering in the shadows.  Those fears, sadnesses, feelings of guilt or shame that have been woven through your life.   They may not even be your own emotions, you may be carrying the emotions of others.  Perhaps you had to take on a lot of responsibility at some stage in your life without having a choice.

Shadows merely require light to help them shine.

Making the Change

When you find your voice, uncover your stories and realise what your desires truly are, you then have a choice to change.  You can create a map of your life your way.   You can start anywhere you want, with a dream that wants to come to fruition but is stuck in your head, or with a new sense of belonging that needs to be grounded.

There is no right or wrong way to do this, it is your unique map designed by you from the stories of YOUR life.

Who is This Journey For?


You may be feeling:


* Depressed or fed up even though you seem like you have it all.

* You feel drained of energy

* You cannot shake a sadness (or some other emotion) and you can’t comprehend what it is about

* Your relationships are not satisfying to you

* You feel like there has to be more to life than what you are doing

* You keep getting an inclination towards looking up courses like this!

* You want to explore more of your life

* You want to get your mojo back.


When you start to look at the stories that are wrapped around your current circumstances you can begin to unravel them and create new stories more in line with what you want.

For example, you may realise you hold a story around not belonging.  This limiting belief you have around not belonging may be holding you back in your career or in your relationships, or both.   Our limiting beliefs stay with us until we change the story to one that serves us best.   In this case we would look at the story you hold at present around belonging and weed out any parts of it that are holding you back.  You may have picked up a belief from your parents or a caregiver or at school and held tight to this belief until now.

No matter what stories we have, when we become aware of them, we can change them to change our lives.

Creating Your Own Life … your way!

Each step is a natural progression of the other.   When you carve out the time to find your own authentic root voice, the voice that speaks from your very essence then you can start to build from there.

This root voice may have become embroiled in stories from your past;, judgments others put on you; your perceptions around your basic needs like belonging, you may have been told to be quiet and not be seen, you may have had your will broken or you may perceive yourself to not be good enough.

However, these parts of you are still there; they are merely in the shadow. You can begin the journey of accessing them and bringing them back into your life.   When you start from your root voice you become conscious of your needs and your desires, all of which you are entitled to.  You can then start to integrate these needs and desires into your life, if you wish to.

By the end of this 4 step journey, you will have a clear plan of where you need to go to get what it is you want.   Basically, it is designing a template of your life, your way taking into account what it is you need to be authentically you.

Embracing Your Goddess Self

What is entailed with this 4-week journey?


Week 1 consists of a 1 1/2 hour session with each of the additional 3 weeks being one hour sessions.  Calls can be in person or via Skype.

I will teach you whatever tools you need each week be it EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Assertiveness training, learning how to ground or learning how to create personal boundaries.

I will be your guide for the 4 weeks.

Your investment for this 4-week journey is €249.00

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