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Transformation Coaching

Helping you break free from your outdated self!

How does coaching help with transformation?  We tell ourselves and others stories everyday based on our past life experiences, and our perceptions of how life has treated us so far.  Each of those stories holds the key to our personal transformation because embedded in our story is our truth. Each emotion, each thought and each excuse we tell ourselves holds the wisdom of this truth.

During a transformation coaching session I help you untangle this wisdom.  You will see how past conditioning has kept you living in a fear based mindset and worse still a scarcity mindset.   You will realise that where you are sourcing your energy from is vital and how strong emotions like fear, sadness and shame drag your energy down.

“So you change your story to change your life”.

Who would a transformation coaching session help?

A transformation coaching session will help If you are:

  • Feeling tired of getting the same results from relationships, work etc. and you know there must be more to your life.
  • You are struggling with physical tension or emotional tension.
  • You are stuck in fear based emotions like anger, jealousy, guilt and shame. None of these emotions are negative and all of them are transformational. Jealousy lets you know what it is you desire, we just need to look at its positive message.  Shame is something that you may have inherited or it may be a defence mechanism you took on to help you cope when you were younger.  Would you like to shed these shame now?
  • You want to grow your business but you keep getting stuck at the same stage. Perhaps fear or a scarcity mindset is keeping you stuck? Or you may be living in an energy of being told you will never amount to much or succeed because you are so .. or so … Lets look at those stories to see their truth!
  • You are tried, lethargic and not enjoying life even though it may seem like you have it all from the outside.
  • You want to experience a fuller life.
  • You want to raise your profile in your working world but don’t know how to?
  • You want to become a better parent/boss/leader.

Each session is unique to the individual client as each of us has our own stories.   When we delve in and see how transformational it can be we open ourselves up the magic of changing from the inside and not waiting for an outside event or person to change us.

How to work with me 

Coaching sessions are done in person or via Zoom (like Skype, just a different easy to use platform).

It you are looking to uncover your story and transform your business I have a bundle of 4 where we start at the beginning and go deep and by the end of your session you will not alone have uncovered who you are without your limiting stories but you will also have a strategy to find your ideal clients and will know where to find them and be better able to create content for them.

We can do these four sessions together over a morning or you can break it up into 4 separate sessions or two, two hourly sessions.  Clients that have done the four hours together have loved the clarity they got when they stayed in the energy for the duration!

Individual sessions can also be booked.

If you would like to contact me to ask me a question please fill in the form below, thank you.

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