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Who is This Course For?

I help female entrepreneurs who feel stuck, overwhelmed or lack confidence transform their mindset and gain clarity to move forward with purpose and direction.

When we become aware of the limiting beliefs that keep us stuck, we can root them out and create the changes we need to move forward.

Course Outline

We map our journey by starting with where we are now, no matter where that is.  We delve into our value system, discovering how our values were formed bearing in mind our values and beliefs fuel our actions.  We root out old value systems and limiting beliefs which keep us stuck in old ways and getting the same results.  From here we create a map of our destination in a focused and authentic way and with clear purpose and direction, bringing us closer to where we want to go and getting more of what we want from our life.

Course Duration


When: July 15 – August 9 2019

Where: On Line


4 weeks including 1 module per week through Facebook Group training with bite size chunks of information,

I asked some female entrepreneurs to tell me what challenges they have in their lives. Here is a sample of what they said.

I also asked the female entrepreneurs what their ideal life would look like.

  • Enough time, enough money, enough family time, just enough.
  • Organised.
  • Feeling free of the past.
  • More me time.
  • Relaxed pace of life.
  • A more balanced life, being financial abundant, contented and happy.
  • Managing a successful business that gives me more time to enjoy my family.
  • More self care time.

How this course helps solve the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs

I am passionate about helping women succeed in both their business and personal lives. 

This course will help you define your core drivers.

In week one we pin point where we are now, no matter where that is and how it looks like.  Everyone will have a different starting point as this is truly a unique journey for each of us.

In the first module we examine our value system which has been forming since we were a child.  Our perception of how we were valued as a child by our caregivers, teachers, friends etc. is likely how we are valuing ourselves now, no matter what age we are.  Often these value systems are keeping us stuck with the same results; whether that be feeling unworthy of success, afraid to shine our light or feeling inadequate no matter what we have succeeded at.

Each week we build on the previous module. When we have clarity about our value system and where we are, we look at the excuses we make in our everyday lives for everyday situations, even the simple ones!   Our limiting beliefs are often masquerading as excuses and often have emotions tied into them.  We look at these beliefs and emotions and we realise that they are messengers with gems of wisdom if we have the courage to look at them.

We move on in week three with mapping our purpose and what it is we long and desire to do with our lives.   We will already have gone past our cognitive layer of want and delved into our emotional realm of desire and this week we become crystal clear of what it is we desire to do with our lives.  Coming from a place of want or desire give us very different results.

In the final module we map out our direction from a place of deep knowing and understanding that our beliefs and values are fuelling all our actions.  We have a sense of belonging to ourselves and the world we are working in and we are better able to share our business in a way that is authentic to ourselves.   We will more naturally find our way as our actions are fuelled with passion and drive from within and we will no longer be guided by outside shiny objects or allow the judgments of others define us.

We have allowed ourselves to be free as we are and sovereign in the choices we make.

This is a time intensive course and only for people who are ready to invest in themselves.   The weekly exercises will take approximately 30 min, sometimes more or sometimes less.  I will provide you with an audio of the lesson for each week so you can listen several times should you wish to.

This is a life changing course, if YOU are ready to change your life.

My Story

My name is Dolores Andrew-Gavin and I am the Founder of Celtic Soul Essence.

I spent almost 20 years working in an area that was not my self chosen career.  During this time I learned valuable lessons on what happens when you don’t follow your passion.   I had a belief, which had formed from a very young age that continued with me through this time and which told me “I was not worthy to be seen and heard.”

The recession in Ireland was a catalyst for change in my life.  It forced me to change career!  I found myself a stay at home Mom with my 2 sons in 2008 without a job, which had been the first time since a very young age that I was not working.   I decided to go about finding a way to work based on where I was right then.   For many of the following years my belief system kept me stuck under my own inner glass ceiling and even when I was growing a global on line community I hid the real me and my work away.   However during these years I was also working on me and doing many, many training courses.  I had several AHA moments until now finally I am doing the work I am passionate about doing.   AND I know now I want to help other women realise their worth and find the joy, success, freedom and happiness that is our birth right.  We are all on our own unique journey, all with different plots and characters but each with a common desire to be seen, heard, respected and free.

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