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by | Jun 22, 2017 |

Building Blocks for Emotional Health What is emotional health/emotional intelligence? Having good emotional health or intelligence as it is often called, is our ability to deal appropriately with situations in life while allowing ourselves to feel each emotion that...

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The Ancient Art of Yoni Steaming

The ancient art of yoni or vaginal steaming is a ritual using an herbal remedy that has unfortunately been lost in our modern age. We have also for the most part, lost touch with the creative potential of our womb space as a place to co-create our reality from our...

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About Me

My name is Dolores Andrew-Gavin and I welcome you to my blog. My passion is to help people find the courage to take the next step in their life that will bring them what they actually want!  We can all feel lost at times and be it career wise, in relationships or feeling lost with life in general. I focus on helping you find your own magic within and work a lot with the emotional realm. I have realised through my own personal journey, when we work with what our body is telling us and come from that place life just begins to flow more easily.   We ditch the push and pull for the flowing with ease! I also work with the Moon energies that are present in our lives, whether we realise it or not!!! Its about empowering yourself to be what you want to be!

Emotional Tools to Help Us Tame Our Emotions