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Béa Salmon-Hawk

Béa Salmon-Hawk is an Integrative Arts Therapist, Master EFT Practitioner and Shamanic Healer. She worked in the field of Mental Health in the British Health Service before moving to Ireland where she practiced as a Storyteller for the last three years. She feels this global pandemic is an amazing opportunity to change our world and our ways for the better.
She will be presenting a segment on “How to use Emotional Freedom Technique to find inner resources you had forgotten about.”
When our systems are overwhelmed with incomprehensible information, instructions and demands from above, our brain needs to find memories that will help us feel competent to deal with the crisis. These memories are already there. We will find them together.
Baya has done this with several people in the past two weeks and they have felt much more capable of dealing with the situation as a result and their anxiety subsided.