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Journey Back to She


Journey Back to She - What the Novel is About

An emotionally compelling story of love, betrayal, and hope. It’s the story of love between sisters, love between husband and wife, mother and daughter, father and daughter and the ties that bind.

Mary is the oldest of two sisters living in North Connemara, having moved there with her family from America to run a massive B&B they have inherited.  She is controlling, independent, a perfectionist and her father’s favoured daughter.

Mary’s sister Halle is jealous, insecure and manipulative.  She has lived in her sister’s shadow all her life and has a strong desire to love and be loved.   She seeks solace in her journal which allows her escape to a place where no boundaries or consequences exist.  In her quest for love she sets her sight on Mary’s husband Ritchie.   She turns her journals into a blog which she markets to the American market and gains an impressive following.

The lives of the two sisters are set on a collision course when Halle’s affair with Ritchie has tragic consequences after Halle tells him an atrocious lie before hot footing it to California to follow her new-found adventures with news her blog is being turned into a mini TV series.

The story spans two continents with both sisters finding themselves alone and on a journey of transformation and self-discovery.  Although it seems like she has it all, Halle soon falls into a depression and finds herself exhausted and sick.   Six months later, she visits a doctor and the diagnosis is shocking.

Meanwhile back in North Connemara Mary’s life, in the aftermath of her beloved Ritchie’s death is bleak and lonely.  She must dig deep and find the courage to get on with her life.

This is a book about hope and the healing power of love, a great read for anyone on a journey of empowerment and self-discovery.  It shows how the power of love can set us free from the past and how that journey is traversed by coming home to our true nature.


The book will be out in Autumn 2018 .. If you would like to keep in touch you can sign up to the right!

My Writing Process

My love of writing was rekindled in my forties.   I first wrote two children’s mythological children books which an associated website.

Now my novel is gone to the publishers and I am in the process of editing it.