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Re-Connect with your Inner Light and Let Your Wild Feminine Out to Play!


Releasing stuck and stagnant energy from your body with 4 Magical Keys; Sound, Breath, Aroma and Movement. 

Doing Aromadance activates joy and happiness at our very core as we combine music, movement, and aroma to bring peace and tranquility to our body.   We can use this wonderful experience to create space for ourselves and give ourselves time to just be.   It helps us reconnect and embody our feminine beauty!  

Dancing is also a great way to express our stories.  Sometimes we cannot quite find the right words, but when we tune in and allow our body express what it needs, it can be very healing, it is like we are giving our body permission to express itself! 

We have 7 songs and use 7 different essential oils to anoint out chakras while we drop into the awareness of each of the major 7 chakras or energy centres of our body 

We allow our body to move in tune with the music as we contemplate on the awareness of each chakra.  

Where am I in relation to my feelings of belonging in chakra one?  

Is my creative and emotional centre flowing?   

Am I able to step outside my comfort zone and chase my dreams?  

How am I in relation to self love?    

Do I speak my truth without fear?  

Have I lost connection with my own inner compass which is constantly giving me messages and advice?  

Do I feel connected to the world around me or do I feel seperate and alone?

It has been described by some of those who have attended as “a great workout for the chakras”!



No dance experience is required just a willingness to have fun and allow yourself space and time to concentrate on YOU!