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Are your emotions smothering you?  Are they making you feel scattered and all over the place or are you stuck in the mud and can’t see a way out?

It’s only when you learn to turn the lens within and face your emotions that you can begin the wonderful process of transformation.

“Looking to others to fix you, won’t work.   Your story is not their story and it’s not their job”.

They may even have an unconscious motive to keep you where you are, it might suit them better!

There will of course be ruffled feathers and disgruntled onlookers who fear the change may affect them, but what’s your choice?  Stay locked up in the dungeons or break free and let your light shine?  And that is where you can decide who to ask for help.

Looking at your emotional landscape

When you discover the emotional landscape of an old story one that is smothering you or clinging to you like a fly on fly paper, it can reveal a multitude if you allow it.   Learning to understand why your story is not being validated or, more correctly why you feel like someone is not listening to you.  Ask yourself what are you feeling emotionally when this happens?

Do you need to look at the story from a higher perspective?   Maybe you are being too rigid with someone or even yourself; maybe you need to drop that old story as it no longer stands up to your own scrutiny.  Maybe you need to ask for outside help?

Letting go old stories lightens your load and is empowering!    You may wonder why you held on so tightly to it for so long.

You are not accountable to anyone for doing this .. just yourself.

When you turn the lens within instead of outwards you illuminate your own way.  You are not accountable to anyone for doing this; just yourself.   Some of your beliefs may be society’s beliefs; ones that don’t necessarily fit with you anyway!

Be clear about what beliefs are actually yours and what beliefs you wear like badly fitting hand me downs.   What do you just do to fit in and belong?   You will never have a feeling of belonging to anyone or anything if you are not living an authentic experience.

Being authentic is like a perfectly fitting glove, it just is.

Be compassionate with Yourself!

Having compassion with yourself while you shine your light within is essential.   There is no need to give yourself a hard time for something you did in the past, you can’t change what you did but you can change the way you feel about it.   You may need to just accept it, even if it makes your palms sweat thinking about it.   Holding onto shame or guilt doesn’t serve you and just keeps you energetically tied to the old story.

Working with an Old Story

You can make that old story you cling so tightly to an ally or a friend.   You can see it as a learning curve.

What did you learn from the old story?   Maybe that you are not perfect?   Excellent!   Maybe you can realise that you had raised the perfectionism bar too high anyway, maybe you did what you did as you thought you had no other choice; maybe you did what you did to survive.   Maybe you need to forgive yourself or another or maybe you need to say sorry to someone.

You can shed light on your story; illuminate the facts, learn acceptance and begin to allow the healing of letting the old story go, while all the time being authentic, having compassion and realising you belong no matter what.

Until next time .. keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, AuthorSoul Care Practitioner and EFT Master Practitioner