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My Apothecary Corner 


I love to help people to support their health and wellness with natural remedies.

I use natural products like beeswax, coconut oil, calendula infused oil, vanilla infused oil, calendula infused oil, vanilla infused oil and pure essential oils.

Using natural products is a great way to reduce our toxic load.

Each of the products I produce are made from the finest ingredients and essential oils can be added specifically with your needs in mind.

I do up specific blends for people with my signature blend being the Goddess Blend.

The Goddess Blend

The Goddess Blend is called after the Goddess of Battle Athena.  She was a very strong lady indeed and all the men went to her to figure out battle strategies and she won many a war with the soldiers.

Her attributes are strength in tough times, the ability to set up strategies and to go after her goals with a strength of character and strength of will.

On an emotional level the oils help us with our own personal power center and helps us to dissolve emotions which may be keeping us stuck from attaining what it is we want to attain.

To purchase the Goddess blend which is €15.00 for a 10 ml roller bottle you can click here.