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Anne Brannick

Anne Brannick is the outgoing chairperson of the Irish Association of Relationship Mentors. She is a fully accredited relationship mentor with the governing body IARM. www.iarm.ie.She gives talks and workshops on relationship with self and parenting issues in schools, community and workplaces. Her practice for one to one mentoring is in Ballybrack and SOBE Greystones Ireland.. All of Anne’s work has a co-creational and educatioal component to it that helps individuals and parents understand the psychosocial dynamics within the family, community and workplace. Thus she facilitates adults to better understand their relationship with self and others, to understand what needs may be unconscious for us and to communicate those hidden needs in a conscious way. Anne has completed a postgraduate diploma with Dr Tony Humphreys in Co-creational Psychotherapy and is in continuous shared vision practice with Dr Humphreys.