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My name is Dolores Andrew-Gavin and I welcome you to my corner of the web.

My passion is to help people get their mojo back!  We can all feel lost at times and be it career wise, in relationships or just feeling a little lost with life in general.

Here at Celtic Soul Essence, I want to help you take back control of what you can change about your life.    I work a lot with the emotional realm and, as I have realised through my own personal journey, when we work with what our body is telling us and come from that place life just begins to flow more easily.   We ditch the push and pull for the flowing with ease!

I offer a range of therapies and on line courses and can combine to suit your individual needs.

I am also a speaker and have spoken at many events throughout Ireland including Positive Living Galway and the Mind Body Experience in Cork.

I am also the founder of The Emotional and Mental Health Summit which is a Summit which runs through May 2019 supporting the conversation around mental and emotional health and sharing the tools and skills that can help people on their unique journeys.

You can find more detailed descriptions of the various therapies I offer here.

Soul Care   Reiki   EFT    Assertiveness Coaching

I work in person in Galway and on line all over the world.

Here are some of the ways you can work with me distantly.

I have a self paced 7 week chakra course which is available for immediate download.  You get access to this complete journey through the chakras which includes 7  audio recordings, 7 word documents, 7 meditations and information on 7 essential oils and 7 Goddesses you can work with to help you get rid of whatever blocks you have in your life.

I also work with people over a 4 session time period helping them create their own life map.    We go through where you want to go in the first session and over the following sessions we root out whatever limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck.  For example if you have a dream of doing something but are stuck in your own emotions or unconscious limiting stories we will go through them and do the work to release you from their power.

You can also listen to my Womens Empowerment Podcast on Soundcloud or iTunes.