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Setting Solid Intentions for Real Results


January, 2018

Celtic Soul Essence

Solid intentions yield real results, that there is no denying!   A solid foundation will not crumble under the first hurdle, it will sustain and nurture you and hold you upright with what you want to achieve.

So what are your solid foundations build from?   Well luckily it is not rocket science and we can all build them.   They are built from intentions created from the core of who you are, standing authentically in the world.

When you don’t follow the crowd when you are less distracted by what everybody else is doing and when you become clear what it is you want to do you will get real results.

If you feel you are at a crossroads right now, stop and ask yourself “What is it I actually WANT to do right now?”   Make sure that the inner critic is switched off, give her a rest for a while and become clear that your intentions are coming from a place of desire and not need.   A need is never satisfied, it feeds on more.    A desire is different it brings real results.

Go deep, ask the questions that matter to YOU.

  • What makes YOU tick.
  • What dreams got squashed because you were told you couldn’t or shouldn’t.
  • What desire have you deep in your heart?
  • What gives you a real sense of belonging?

“You are not stuck where you are unless you decide to be.” Wayne Dyer

The most important question, in my opinion, to write down and answer is

  • What is non-negotiable for me?

It doesn’t matter what is written down, what is it from now on you will not sell your soul for?    What do you need in order to make that solid intention?

Become clear about your intentions and make them so solid they have no choice but to blossom!!!

From an Acorn An Oak Tree is Born

Photograph via Pixabay

You will produce real results when you come from this very solid place.   Your thoughts become in alignment with your intentions and thereby so to will your actions.  It becomes automatic behaviour and you will be amazed at the real results you will see in a short amount of time.

WHY .. you have taken back control of your life .. your way.

Until next time … keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner, Energy Therapist, Founder of IrishHealthHour