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Celtic Soul Essence Podcast

Welcome to the Celtic Soul Essence podcast where we talk all things empowerment and wellness.

I love to share tools and technique with you that will empower you to change anything in your life that is not presently giving you the desired result you want from life.

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Finding Your Authentic Voice

“Don’t die with your song still inside you” Wayne Dyer

At this podcast, I speak about finding your own voice so that you are aware yourself where your stories are coming from and, most importantly you own your own stories.   When we come from this we are more authentic and in alignment with our life purpose.

Grounding Our Emotions

Emotions are energy in motion e-motion.  They are constantly coming into our awareness and when we are in a healthy relationship with them we can allow them to flow.   In order to have good emotional intelligence or, to be able to let our emotions flow it is important that we learn how to ground.  Grounding means coming into the present moment and being still.  We are more able to deal with what we consider more “negative” emotions when we come from this grounded place.

Who Am I?

The question Who Am I is a frequently searched question on the internet.   But how do you find the answer to this question?  Is there even an answer to the question Who Am I?

Life is ever changing from the moment you are born until the day you take your last breath.   It is the nature of life to flow and change and along this journey the answer to Who Am I changes too.

How Our Beliefs are Fuelling Our Actions

Our beliefs drive us forward in life.    Our beliefs are driving us and are triggered everyday through our interactions with others and with ourselves.

If we have a story in our life that we really want to change then, we can find out what belief is fuelling it.    We can change these beliefs if we want to change what is manifesting in our lives.

Having the Courage to Change 

Many of us want to change but don’t know how to do this within the confines of our life.  It takes courage to change. You might worry about what your partner/husband/family will say or what your partner/husband/family will think?   

However, as long as you are doing something for the benefit of what another will think of you, you are giving your power away.  

7 Ways To Awaken Your Inner Passion & Co Create Your Reality

Has your passion has become dulled or do you feel that the realities of life have knocked it out of you?   What then is seeping out from you to create your outer reality?   Sadness for dreams not pursued?    Anger towards another?   Fear of never moving from where you are now to where you long to be?

Try this powerful 7 step guide to igniting your inner passion.