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New Moon Red Tent

7 Month Journey Back to Wholeness

What is included each month

  • On-Line New Moon ceremony recorded via Zoom.   I will email a New Moon manifestation manual to each of you for the ceremonies so you know what we will be working on.   Amongst other things each month we will be learning something new for example; how to make a talisman to help in our personal manifestation; we will also look at the Moon cycles and learn how to work with our own internal cycles to make the most of our life.   We will look at our personal Moon signs which is different to our sun signs and learn to work with symbols and dreams.
  • You will receive access to a recorded call at the beginning of each month outlining exactly what the chakra of the month is about.
  • You will receive a guided meditation each month helping you tune into the chakra of the month.
  • I will supply you with information on the Goddess we are working with for each month including details on how to invoke the particular Goddess to help you.
  • Guidelines on which essential oils can be used for the chakra we are dealing with and information on how its vibration can help support us.
  • Private Facebook group support throughout the month.

You will receive access to the entire chakra course on payment of the sum of €99.00 and we will dive into each chakra starting at the base or root chakra at November New Moon.

Who would benefit from this 7-month journey?

  • Do you feel a yearning for more happiness in your life which you feel always evades you?
  • Are you at a crossroads and not sure which way to turn?
  • Do you want to reconnect with your feminine wisdom?
  • Are you struggling with an illness, infertility or your emotional health?
  • Do you want to develop your ability to listen to your gut instinct?
  • Do you want to increase your energy for life?
  • Do you want to have better relationships?
  • Is fear holding you back from moving forward?

Each month covers a different awareness. You will have a template created after the 7-month journey which you can refer back to at any time.

Each month you can look at what you desire more of in order to get to where you want to go and use the New Moon energies to help you.

Month 1

Month 1 will focus on our root chakra which has to do with belonging and our ability to ground.  Fear is an emotion that can be triggered in all the chakras but most especially in the root chakra as this is the chakra that governs our very survival and our feelings about the right to be here and have what it is we need to have in order to survive.

We will work with the Goddess Hestia.

Month 2

Month 2 we move into the watery element and our sacred pelvic bowl of the sacral chakra.  We dive deep here into our creative centre and our watery emotional realm and reclaim any lost parts that we have denied or that we have chosen to ignore to keep ourselves in a false sense of safeness.

We work with the Goddess Aphrodite

Month 3

Month 3 we enter our personal power centre where we can often get stuck and play small.   We always have a choice at this centre to jump out of our comfort centre and into our power to achieve what it is we really want to achieve.    Sometimes an awareness that we know what we want is a good start and we can work with the Goddess Athena to nurture our inner flame and keep it lit until the right time for us to take action.

Month 4

Month 4 we move into our heart centre to cultivate self-love, compassion and develop our empathic skills for ourselves and others.   We are not all born with the compassion or desire to listen to others but when we learn to cultivate these attributes towards ourselves we start on a journey to freedom for ourselves before we move up into the centre that governs the stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves.    Quan Yin the Goddess of compassion leans in to help us at the heart chakra.

Month 5

Month 5 we clear the channel where our root voice is communicated to the world.  Our self-talk is just as important and manifests as our life!   We clear the throat chakra, front and back and allow our communication centre to be open so that we can both communicate and listen more effectively to both our own needs and the needs of those around us.

We work with the Goddess Artemis here at the throat chakra.

Month 6

Month 6 and we move into the centre which governs our gut instinct and our knowing our deep truths.   This centre can be veiled in illusions.   We often find that the story we tell ourselves about something is in fact based on our perception rather than the actual truth and when we realise this we open ourselves up to the freedom to move away from a story that is false and not bringing us what we need.   Beautiful Green Tara helps us shine a light on our inner world.

Month 7

Month 7 When we work through and balance each of the chakras we have a set of tools for life in order to co-create the life we want and one that resonates with what it is we want to achieve for ourselves.  We have a map to refer back to should we find we have wandered off track or perhaps have fallen into an old pattern we thought we had laid to rest.   Life is a journey but when you realise the power you have yourself you are empowered to know that when life throws a curve ball, you can take that challenge and turn it around!  The Goddess Hera will help you at the crown chakra.

What is a New Moon Red Tent Ceremony? 


We tune into and work with our natural rhythms which wax and wane like the moon itself.   At some times of the month we are more motivated to get things done, at other times we are more reflective and again at other times we feel more emotional and vulnerable.  


When we work with these energies and literally “go with the flow” life is easier for us, there is no push and pull.   Have you ever gone through a day when no matter what you try to start literally doesn’t seem to work.  Sometimes we are best to adandon plans to start something new until the time is right for us and concentrate instead of putting more energy into the planning phase.  


New Moon is a great time to focus on new beginnings, we can take stock and make plans for what it is we really want for our life.