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Dr. Wayne Dyer often used this quote

“Don’t die with your song still inside you”

and it is something that had a profound effect on me and something I remember when I am struggling to make sense of what I am doing.

Our voice is the way we communicate the stories we have inside of us to the outside world and, to ourselves.   We use story every day to express our feelings, our frustrations and even our digital footprint reflects our inner story.

Our own self-talk reflects the way we feel about ourselves.

Our stories may seem like they come from our mind, our focused brain but they have originated somewhere else, from the essence of our being, the place of feeling and of knowing when those feelings are on track.   They are the fabric that weaves our life together. They contain words and sentences we have chosen to describe our past experiences, our losses, our gains, our perception of our surroundings and the way we feel we have been treated by others.

They have their roots in how we see ourselves in relation to those around us.   They have to do with our sense of belonging, our self-worth and our ability to know what we know.

What happens to the 50-year-old who discovers her self-worth was based on her career status when she suddenly finds she can no longer work due to illness?  What becomes of her story around their career?  What happens her self-worth story?

Is it like having the carpet pulled out from under us, when we realise that things are not what we thought they are; when we realise our stories were weaved from something we now realise they aren’t?

When we learn to find our real voice without the attached false stories; without limiting beliefs, without the crap!!! we find what we really want and who we really are.

The desire to study law to do our part for the injustices we have seen; the desire to delve into our passion for art; our desire to dance till we drop – when we follow these desires we are flowing from the inside.

When we find our WHY in life we find our real purpose for doing what we do and we can begin to create stories that are in alignment with our desires.   False stories dissolve in the presence of truth.  Life begins to flow again.    Yes, some changes make rock our very foundation but a foundation that is not built on truths will dissolve eventually anyway.  To quote Coldplay in their song Viva la Vida

“And I discovered that my castle stood Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand”

When we find our authentic voice we begin to live the life we truly desire.

I offer you a free eBook on Finding Your Authentic Voice .. To Live the Life You Desire.   I would welcome you to download it and start your journey of discovery to find your authentic voice.

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Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Founder IrishHealthHour, Founder Global Emotional Health Summit, Soul Care Practitioner, Energy Therapist, Author and Mum