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Happy Full Moon in Gemini


December, 2017

Celtic Soul Essence

We know that the Moon’s gravitational force affects the rise and fall of the oceans and because the average human is made up of almost 70% water this explains why the Moon has such an effect on us.  We feel the pull on our watery emotional realm and this is most especially true for women whose psyche is governed by the Moon as opposed to men who are more associated with the Sun!

The Moon fluctuates more than the Sun, changing astrological signs every two and half days as opposed to the Sun which changes sign once a month.


This month’s Super Full Moon falls in the sign of Gemini which is normally a sign of logic and rationality.   Because of Neptune’s position at this time, it dilutes this logical and rationality somewhat and brings our creativity and sensitivity more to the forefront.   So this Super Full Moon is a good time to get creative.   Maybe you want to draw or paint or to create something new.


Photo via Pixabay

Mercury is also going retrograde on the 3rd until the 23rd of December.   This encourages us to look at our values around a certain area in our life.   We can look at where it is falling in our chart to know what it is encouraging us to look at.

This Super Full Moon is giving us an opportunity to look back at our life and to see the wisdom from our past stories whether we perceive these stories as good or bad!    When we take the emotional charge from them, we start to see the patterns that have been unfolding for us.  We then have an opportunity to glean the wisdom from our past stories.

If you shoot for the stars and hit the moon, it’s OK. But you’ve got to shoot for something. A lot of people don’t even shoot.


When we begin to work with the lunar energies we start to have a better understanding of how we can co-create our lives in an authentic way.  We begin to understand why certain stories come up for us at certain times and why we are more emotional at some times of the month.

We are aware what is happening around us energetically and so can decide not to be reactive to it.   We can see the signs and make our own choices.

If you would like to come journey with me for a 7-month adventure starting in January you can find out details here.   We will work uniquely with what comes us for us where we are in our lives.