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Finding Your Authentic Voice To Live the Life You Desire

3 Weeks to Find Your Truth

Who is this 3-week programme for:

  • Do you know you have a story to tell but just can’t get it out of your head and onto paper?
  • Do you feel you need help with reigniting your creative spark?
  • Do you want to write that book we all have inside of us?
  • Have you lost your mojo?
  • Are you stuck in an old story and can’t seem to move forward?
  • Have you spent years giving to others, to your career and now feel empty or unsure of who you are?

Do you want to make today, the day you start to take control and start living the life you desire?

How will THIS 3-week programme help you?

Week 1 .. We go deep to find our why we are doing what we are doing that is giving us the same result.

Week 2 .. We discover our strengths and work with them.   While concentrating on our strengths I will give you tools to help you with what you may perceive to be something that is holding you back.   Maybe an emotion like fear or sadness?   Maybe you need to ground yourself and learn how to become present so that all your energy is here for you NOW.

EMPATHY + COURAGE TO CHANGE (whether that be gaining empathic skills or balancing the way we manage our own empathic nature) = EMPOWERMENT

Week 3 .. We set a Plan of Action .. A road map for yourself based on YOUR findings over the previous two weeks.

Worksheets are included and we will work through one each week.   Tools I use to help people are EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Assertiveness Coaching, learning how to decipher how to friend your emotions, finding the defence mechanisms you are using and changing them if they are keeping you stuck.

It is a personal journey for each person.

It’s a no guilt programme; whatever our stories are they have made us who we are and now is the chance to change them if we wish to. 


I will be with you for the 3 weeks to go through whatever comes up for you along the journey.


About Dolores Andrew-Gavin

I am a Soul Care Practitioner, Assertiveness Coach, EFT and Reiki Master Practitioner, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Author, and Mum.

I have spent 9 years working as a therapist and am the Founder of www.irishhealthhour.com an international health and wellness community.    I also ran the recent successful Global Emotional Health Summit.

I am passionate about helping people find their mojo and change their lives for the better.  My own journey has been one of empowerment and overcoming obstacles and I share many of the tools I used myself.

I have also studied soul mentoring which helps us get to the real story.   It is like life coaching excepts it’s at a soul level and I help you find your own story!

I also have a keen interest in mythology and have published two children’s books.  I have a website dedicated to children to help them navigate their emotions.


Pod Cast Finding Your Authentic Voice to Live the Life You Desire

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