Are you Ready to Set Yourself FREE?

Are you Ready to Set Yourself FREE?

What would being FREE feel like to you?

Does it stir a feeling in you or ignite a spark?

If it does, great let’s work with this feeling.  Invite it to sit with you and take some time to be alone with it.

Where do you feel it?  What colour is it?  Where in your body is the feeling hiding?  Perhaps your tummy or your heart?

You might remember a time when you were young and as free as a bird or, you might remember always looking for freedom.  Freedom from school, rules, parents or whatever.  Maybe you felt like you never really belonged anywhere?

No matter what your feelings bring up for you, know your worth as you feel deeply into your emotions.  You don’t have to earn it from anyone, nor do you have to give it away to anyone, your worth is already there inside of you.

Embrace it and know you have a right to be here.  Whatever story has been weaved into the fabric of your life can be accepted for what it is and a journey of remembering what you want for the rest of your life activated.

Sometimes your biggest critic is yourself and when you get over proving yourself to yourself, you will feel empowered to reclaim your FREEdom to live life on your terms.

The journey starts with you.

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Assertiveness and Empowerment Coach, Soul Care Practitioner, Energy Therapist and Mum





Setting Solid Intentions for Real Results

Setting Solid Intentions for Real Results


January, 2018

Celtic Soul Essence

Solid intentions yield real results, that there is no denying!   A solid foundation will not crumble under the first hurdle, it will sustain and nurture you and hold you upright with what you want to achieve.

So what are your solid foundations build from?   Well luckily it is not rocket science and we can all build them.   They are built from intentions created from the core of who you are, standing authentically in the world.

When you don’t follow the crowd when you are less distracted by what everybody else is doing and when you become clear what it is you want to do you will get real results.

If you feel you are at a crossroads right now, stop and ask yourself “What is it I actually WANT to do right now?”   Make sure that the inner critic is switched off, give her a rest for a while and become clear that your intentions are coming from a place of desire and not need.   A need is never satisfied, it feeds on more.    A desire is different it brings real results.

Go deep, ask the questions that matter to YOU.

  • What makes YOU tick.
  • What dreams got squashed because you were told you couldn’t or shouldn’t.
  • What desire have you deep in your heart?
  • What gives you a real sense of belonging?

“You are not stuck where you are unless you decide to be.” Wayne Dyer

The most important question, in my opinion, to write down and answer is

  • What is non-negotiable for me?

It doesn’t matter what is written down, what is it from now on you will not sell your soul for?    What do you need in order to make that solid intention?

Become clear about your intentions and make them so solid they have no choice but to blossom!!!

From an Acorn An Oak Tree is Born

Photograph via Pixabay

You will produce real results when you come from this very solid place.   Your thoughts become in alignment with your intentions and thereby so to will your actions.  It becomes automatic behaviour and you will be amazed at the real results you will see in a short amount of time.

WHY .. you have taken back control of your life .. your way.

Until next time … keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner, Energy Therapist, Founder of IrishHealthHour

Happy Super Full Moon in Gemini

Happy Full Moon in Gemini


December, 2017

Celtic Soul Essence

We know that the Moon’s gravitational force affects the rise and fall of the oceans and because the average human is made up of almost 70% water this explains why the Moon has such an effect on us.  We feel the pull on our watery emotional realm and this is most especially true for women whose psyche is governed by the Moon as opposed to men who are more associated with the Sun!

The Moon fluctuates more than the Sun, changing astrological signs every two and half days as opposed to the Sun which changes sign once a month.


This month’s Super Full Moon falls in the sign of Gemini which is normally a sign of logic and rationality.   Because of Neptune’s position at this time, it dilutes this logical and rationality somewhat and brings our creativity and sensitivity more to the forefront.   So this Super Full Moon is a good time to get creative.   Maybe you want to draw or paint or to create something new.


Photo via Pixabay

Mercury is also going retrograde on the 3rd until the 23rd of December.   This encourages us to look at our values around a certain area in our life.   We can look at where it is falling in our chart to know what it is encouraging us to look at.

This Super Full Moon is giving us an opportunity to look back at our life and to see the wisdom from our past stories whether we perceive these stories as good or bad!    When we take the emotional charge from them, we start to see the patterns that have been unfolding for us.  We then have an opportunity to glean the wisdom from our past stories.

If you shoot for the stars and hit the moon, it’s OK. But you’ve got to shoot for something. A lot of people don’t even shoot.


When we begin to work with the lunar energies we start to have a better understanding of how we can co-create our lives in an authentic way.  We begin to understand why certain stories come up for us at certain times and why we are more emotional at some times of the month.

We are aware what is happening around us energetically and so can decide not to be reactive to it.   We can see the signs and make our own choices.

If you would like to come journey with me for a 7-month adventure starting in January you can find out details here.   We will work uniquely with what comes us for us where we are in our lives.

Having the Courage to Change

Having the Courage to Change


October, 2017

Celtic Soul Essence


Many of us want to change but don’t know how to do this within the confines of our life.  It takes courage to change. You might worry about what your partner/husband/family will say or what your partner/husband/family will think?   

However, as long as you are doing something for the benefit of what another will think of you, you are giving your power away.   You choose to stay doing something that doesn’t feel right, to keep the peace or to stay small.   Who is this honouring?   

It takes courage to challenge the status quo, to understand why you do or don’t do what you do.

You may stay wandering around what seems to be barren land, emotionless, powerless and not having your needs met.   Or, you may feel like you are drowning in a river of emotions that seem at times to take you over.  You may feel lost to your core or blindfolded by those around you.  

Photograph via Pixabuy

“When we realise that we can change, we have the choice to embrace that change”

Photograph via Pixabuy

Facing Your Fears

Sooner or later the choice to face your life story and to own it, will stand tall in front of you and, may even appear to challenge you.  Maybe you find yourself at a crossroad with something or someone in your life.  Your feelings and gut want to go one way but the “staying as you are” to suit everyone else beckons you the other way. 

What choice you make is yours.  You may want to put a toe out and test the waters of change.  Maybe it’s as simple as having someone mind your children while you take a walk.  Or, taking an hour out every morning to do a gym routine or take a dance class.  Are you a bad person to do this?  Of course not but that inner critic may tell you, you are.  But remember that the inner critic was most likely told a story that you were not enough, not entitled to something, would never find love .. or whatever.   It is merely a story that is part of you, generally a fear of stepping out of line and, can be changed.  

Fear is instinctual but not all fear is relevant.  

What’s the best that can happen?  You can feel refreshed and calm  with an inner feeling of gratitude and even power that you looked after yourself.  Remember you are worth it! 

If you decide to stay the same and stay doing what you do, at the very least own that you are doing this.  Maybe you can own the story and realise that in the future you can make a different choice.  When you own where you are, really own it, it brings a certain amount of clarity and acknowledgment to your true feelings.  

Life is changing and more women are realising that to honour yourself is not a crime, in fact, it’s essential for our emotional and mental health.

When you honour yourself you are having a ripple effect on society, on your children, on your nieces and nephews but most importantly on you. 

What one small step can you take today to honour your dreams?

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner, Assertiveness and Empowerment Coach, Energy Therapist, Red Tent Facilitator and Mum

Surrendering to belonging

Surrendering to Belonging


August, 2017

Celtic Soul Essence

Surrendering, in this case, is not about giving up or, maybe it is.   What if surrendering to belonging brings freedom and sovereignty, the very thing we are chasing after but never feel like we grasp onto?

Is belonging a place we feel we aspire to languish in?   Do we say:

“When I feel like I belong here, then I will be happy”?

Is it a tangible place or a fantasy land?  Does it matter?

True belonging to me, is surrendering to the fact that we have a right to be here, right now at this very moment and, that we have the right to be seen and heard in this present moment whatever that looks like for us.

It helps to surrender to what the outcome will look like, in its entirety.   Allow room for pivoting and changing, make space to allow something better in.

Follow Your Heart

Photograph via Pixabay 

When we live our life from the core of our being, authentic to our core beliefs and values, not allowing ourselves to get sucked into dramas that don’t serve us or pull us off track, we will get to where we want to go.    This place of belonging inside ourselves.

We can prepare a map for our journey, arm ourselves with whatever tools we have but, we do well to surrender to the way and what it will reveal to us.

What if we are living in the illusion of a story that isn’t real?  How will we handle this?   Will we fall back into feeling like thinking we don’t belong or can we dig deep into our toolbox and work with something we already have inside?

The obstacles we will meet along the way are our teachers.   And yes, sometimes they do seem to get bigger and bigger and feel scarier. This shows us how far we have come, how much more we have stepped outside our comfort zone.   Now we may be pushing this same comfort zone again and another fear may come.   If we work with this fear and not against it, we can expand even further.   It doesn’t mean we are right back where we started, it may mean that our comfort zone is expanding again.  Our fear may be urging us to take another leap of faith, break through yet another glass ceiling to get to where we want to be.

Once we stay on track, surrender to the knowledge that we do belong we can allow the story to unfold in its own time, in its own way.     If we stick to our guns so to speak around our core beliefs and authenticity unsurmountable challenges will dissolve.

It is not always easy to stay true, we can often think that someone else has an easier route and may feel like jumping on their path and getting off our own.    Far away hills are always greener.   BUT we are not that somebody else and we can never, ever walk in someone else’s shoes totally, we are who we are and they are who they are.

Just for today .. surrender to the knowledge that you belong, right here and right now whatever that looks like to you.

Until next time … keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Founder IrishHealthHour, Founder Global Emotional Health Summit, Soul Care Practitioner, Energy Therapist, Author and Mum

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