Are Your Emotions Smothering You? How to Make Your Life Better.

Are Your Emotions Smothering You? How to Make Your Life Better.

Are your emotions smothering you?  Are they making you feel scattered and all over the place or are you stuck in the mud and can’t see a way out?

It’s only when you learn to turn the lens within and face your emotions that you can begin the wonderful process of transformation.

“Looking to others to fix you, won’t work.   Your story is not their story and it’s not their job”.

They may even have an unconscious motive to keep you where you are, it might suit them better!

There will of course be ruffled feathers and disgruntled onlookers who fear the change may affect them, but what’s your choice?  Stay locked up in the dungeons or break free and let your light shine?  And that is where you can decide who to ask for help.

Looking at your emotional landscape

When you discover the emotional landscape of an old story one that is smothering you or clinging to you like a fly on fly paper, it can reveal a multitude if you allow it.   Learning to understand why your story is not being validated or, more correctly why you feel like someone is not listening to you.  Ask yourself what are you feeling emotionally when this happens?

Do you need to look at the story from a higher perspective?   Maybe you are being too rigid with someone or even yourself; maybe you need to drop that old story as it no longer stands up to your own scrutiny.  Maybe you need to ask for outside help?

Letting go old stories lightens your load and is empowering!    You may wonder why you held on so tightly to it for so long.

You are not accountable to anyone for doing this .. just yourself.

When you turn the lens within instead of outwards you illuminate your own way.  You are not accountable to anyone for doing this; just yourself.   Some of your beliefs may be society’s beliefs; ones that don’t necessarily fit with you anyway!

Be clear about what beliefs are actually yours and what beliefs you wear like badly fitting hand me downs.   What do you just do to fit in and belong?   You will never have a feeling of belonging to anyone or anything if you are not living an authentic experience.

Being authentic is like a perfectly fitting glove, it just is.

Be compassionate with Yourself!

Having compassion with yourself while you shine your light within is essential.   There is no need to give yourself a hard time for something you did in the past, you can’t change what you did but you can change the way you feel about it.   You may need to just accept it, even if it makes your palms sweat thinking about it.   Holding onto shame or guilt doesn’t serve you and just keeps you energetically tied to the old story.

Working with an Old Story

You can make that old story you cling so tightly to an ally or a friend.   You can see it as a learning curve.

What did you learn from the old story?   Maybe that you are not perfect?   Excellent!   Maybe you can realise that you had raised the perfectionism bar too high anyway, maybe you did what you did as you thought you had no other choice; maybe you did what you did to survive.   Maybe you need to forgive yourself or another or maybe you need to say sorry to someone.

You can shed light on your story; illuminate the facts, learn acceptance and begin to allow the healing of letting the old story go, while all the time being authentic, having compassion and realising you belong no matter what.

Until next time .. keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, AuthorSoul Care Practitioner and EFT Master Practitioner



3 Ways to Practice Self Love based on Simple Mindful Practices

3 Ways to Practice Self Love based on Simple Mindful Practices

“The moment you realise your thoughts are intruding and you stop them … that’s mindfulness”

If you have deep-rooted beliefs about yourself, for example if you feel you are not lovable or, if society or others have made you feel this way, then it can be a journey of discovery to find your truth around self love.

When you accept that love is not a destination to be reached but literally a way to walk in life, self-love practices can be integrated into your daily lilve.

Here are three simple ways to begin this journey using mindful practices.

*            Decrease violence in yourself.

Violence towards the self manifests in many, many ways. Perhaps you use violent self-talk towards yourself; telling yourself that you are not good enough or maybe you blame yourself for the actions of others.

When you start to unravel your stories around violent self-talk you will feel an immediate shift in your life.  We are, each one of us, entitled to receive love. Although you may have been hurt many times in the past this does not mean you are not entitled to be loved.   Maybe the people you have fallen in love with are not capable of giving you love or, of giving you the love you need.   Maybe their beliefs about themselves hold them back from truly giving.

You can accept this fact and forgive yourself for loving someone who was not capable of giving you the love you needed.

Develop the practice of deep listening.

When you listen to what your body needs and what your emotions are telling you, you can begin to align yourself with a positive mindset of self-love.

If for example your default emotion is anger, then maybe your anger is trying to tell you that you need to build stronger boundaries. Maybe your sadness is telling you that you need to listen to your gut instinct and let someone or something go.   Maybe your back pain or pelvic problems are telling you, you don’t have enough support in your life and that you need to surround yourself more with supportive people.

When you hone in and really listen you will begin to realise that self-love starts with listening to yourself and not to others.

Avoid using toxins and poisons.

When you use toxic substances in excess in order to fill gaps in your heart you are not respecting yourself.   It is an act of self-love to realise that toxins and poisons won’t mend a broken heart.   If you stop and find the reason why you carry wounds in your heart you can begin to take steps to mend it.   As you embark on this journey you realise your emotional state is an inside job and that you hold the power inside you all the time.

Mindfulness brings you into the present moment where you can consciously look at and listen to what your body really needs.   When you listen to these signals and messages from your body and act on them, you will begin the journey of walking a life based on self-love that will seep out into all areas of your live and have a ripple affect on the way others treat you.

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Until next time; keep the faith Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Owner of IrishHealthHour, PodcasterSoul Care PractitionerAuthor

Women’s Empowerment Podcast

Women’s Empowerment Podcast

Welcome to my Women’s Empowerment Podcast.

My aim with this podcast is to help women remember and become the empowered people they already are.

We can all get lost in life, being pushed and pulled by our commitments and daily routines.   We can lose track of our own dreams and end up wearing whatever mask we feel we need at any given time.   This can become so habitual that our own identity becomes unwoven from the fabric of our life.  Our thoughts can be scattered and our actions out of alignment with who we truly are.

But we can learn to remember who it is we are without the masks and limiting beliefs.  We can change our story and stand in our personal power taking back the driver’s seat in our own life in a truly authentic and joyful way.

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Women's Empowerment Podcast

by Dolores Andrew-Gavin | Women's Empowerment Podcast
Are you Ready to Set Yourself FREE?

Are you Ready to Set Yourself FREE?

What would being FREE feel like to you?

Does it stir a feeling in you or ignite a spark?

If it does, great let’s work with this feeling.  Invite it to sit with you and take some time to be alone with it.

Where do you feel it?  What colour is it?  Where in your body is the feeling hiding?  Perhaps your tummy or your heart?

You might remember a time when you were young and as free as a bird or, you might remember always looking for freedom.  Freedom from school, rules, parents or whatever.  Maybe you felt like you never really belonged anywhere?

No matter what your feelings bring up for you, know your worth as you feel deeply into your emotions.  You don’t have to earn it from anyone, nor do you have to give it away to anyone, your worth is already there inside of you.

Embrace it and know you have a right to be here.  Whatever story has been weaved into the fabric of your life can be accepted for what it is and a journey of remembering what you want for the rest of your life activated.

Sometimes your biggest critic is yourself and when you get over proving yourself to yourself, you will feel empowered to reclaim your FREEdom to live life on your terms.

The journey starts with you.

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Assertiveness and Empowerment Coach, Soul Care Practitioner, Energy Therapist and Mum





3 Fears That Hold You Back & How to Work With Them

3 Biggest Fears That Hold You Back and How to Work With Them



February, 2018

Celtic Soul Essence

Fear can stop you following your desire, it can strangle your dreams and leave you stuck behind the bars of your ego prison.

However when you begin to dissect fear, you realise its just an emotion, e-motion, it’s energy in motion and energy can be moved.   Of all the emotions fear is instinctual and can rise up when your very survival is threatened.

Fear can be inherited and when you look at your stories you may realise you are sabotaging yourself by holding onto someone else’s fear!

Fears Can Form When We are Young

Photograph via Pixabay

“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”.

1  Fear You Won’t Be Heard

Everyone has the right to be heard.

It’s good to remember that you are one or two steps ahead of someone else in your journey in your life and, at the same time there are others who are one or two steps ahead of you.

AND you don’t have to tell your story to everyone.  You can decide to tell your story only to those who have earned the right to hear it.  That’s why surrounding yourself with supportive people is so important.  We can learn from each other, we can support each other and most of all we can offer a space for each other to be heard.    It doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything you hear it just means you allow space for someone to be heard.

Fear Keeps Us Stuck

Photograph via Pixabay

2  Fear of Falling Flat on Your Face

It is out of our biggest failures that some of our best results arise.   But if you suffer from a strangling fear of falling flat on your face finding out where this is coming from is a start.  What old story is telling you, you will fall?  Are you trying to live up to someone else’s standards?

Ask yourself what’s the best that could happen?  Maybe you will realise that this fear is not founded on anything solid.  If fear is built on an unstable foundation once you tune into it, it will crumble.

3 Fear of criticism

What is it about criticism that frightens you so much?  Have you such a tight hold on your own beliefs that you have become closed minded?

Sometimes criticism, so long as it is constructive criticism can help you glean golden nuggets of information that can help you break through your own inner glass ceiling of what you can do.   Could you allow yourself use constructive criticism as a catalyst for change for the better?

The first step is always the hardest … but the gain is always worth it.

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Founder Global Emotional Health Summit, Energy Therapist, Author, Assertive and Empowerment Coach and Mum.