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Journey Back to She


Journey Back to She - What the Novel is About


An emotionally compelling story of love, betrayal, and hope. Mary is the oldest of two sisters living in North Connemara.  She is controlling, independent and a perfectionist.  Her sister Halle, on the other hand, is jealous, insecure and manipulative.

The lives of Mary and Halle are set on a collision course when Halle has an affair with Mary’s husband Ritchie and blogs about an “Irish love story”.   Her blog makes a huge impact in America and is being made into a mini TV series there.   Seeing this as a way to lure Ritchie away from her sister and Ireland she tells him a shameful lie.   Devasted with what he hears, Ritchie commits suicide.

The story of the sisters spans two continents and follows their lives in the aftermath of these events. The sisters are forced to reunite after their mother falls ill on a trip to Boston. During a dramatic reunion at their mother’s hospital bedside, Mary must dig deep to face her younger sister who is now battling cancer.

Has Mary’s journey through darkness given her enough courage to forgive her younger sister?

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I am launching my Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign very soon!!!  I will have some great giveaways for those of you who pre-order on the first and second day of the campaign launch!!!

The book itself will be out in May 2018 .. can’t wait!!

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My Writing Process

My love of writing was rekindled in my forties.   I first wrote two children’s mythological children books which an associated website.

Now my novel is gone to the publishers and I am in the process of editing it.