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“The life and passion of a person leaves an imprint on the ether of a place. Love does not remain within the heart, it flows out to build secret tabernacles in a landscape.”    John O’Donohue

Your passion is infectious and as John O’Donohue states it flows out onto the landscape around you.

But what if your passion has become dulled or you feel that the realities of life have knocked it out of you?   What then is seeping out from you to create your outer reality?   Sadness for dreams not pursued?    Anger towards another?   Fear of never moving from where you are now to where you long to be?

Try this powerful 7 step guide to igniting your inner passion.

1. NAME IT You know that voice that talks all day long inside your head, the critical one, well you are going to give her a name!    What would you call her or him for that matter?    Grumpy?   Sulky?   Moody?   Now you are going to ask her to go on a little vacation, not forever, reassure her it’s just a little break.   She will probably react in the usual way and give some back cheek but just smile at her, hand her a suitcase and perch her off somewhere you can’t hear her, on the edge of your shoulder even!   Now take 5 minutes and just be without her, if she allows you more, go for it!

2. DREAM IT Remember back to sometime in your life when you had a dream, it doesn’t matter what it was about, it can be any dream, maybe you wanted to fly off a hill, maybe you wanted to win first prize in a raffle, maybe you imagined yourself with the love of your life, whatever!      Relive this time now relishing the way that dream made you feel.      Notice how there were no restrictions in your thinking, no negative vibes from anywhere, you just dreamt about what you wanted.

3. FEEL IT Notice how you feel in this moment.     Does thinking about it make you giddy with excitement?  Does it make you feel unstoppable or even capable?   Nurture these feelings and relive them here in the now.

4. HARNESS IT You can harness this potential you HAVE inside you, the one you just recreated anytime you want.  The only person that is stopping you from doing this is … Mrs. Grumpy, Mrs. Sulky or Mrs. Moody or whatever her name is.  And you know yourself she is just a small part of you, so why hand her over the controls?

5. PICK ME UP It can sometimes take time to re-harness this energy but you can liken it to taking something that makes you feel good.   Allow it be your pick up juice when things feel hard, remembering all the while that your dreams are there inside you.

6.  FUEL IT Little by little those dreams will emerge if you allow them, fuel them with good feelings and harness their power.

7.  EMBRACE IT The best step of all is when you nudge Mrs. Grumpy, Mrs. Sulky or Mrs. Moody from the driver’s seat and hand the reigns over to the passion that is driving you forward every day of your life.    Allow your passions be infections and spill out everywhere you go, leaving a trail of light to illuminate another’s dream.

You can do it, take back control and begin to live your life .. your way.

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner, Energy Therapist, Assertiveness and Empowerment Coach and Founder of IrishHealthHour.